A HR Roadmap

2. Plan, Plan, Plan: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

The hr roadmap is not something that you can do within a day, if you want to do it right and find the best match for your team. But don’t worry – if you understand they key steps of hiring, you can learn it pretty fast.

In the first blog post you learned about the first step of hiring: to know yourself, your company and your team. Now you will get to know the second step of hiring which is only about planning. Yes, I know you are an entrepreneur and I know you LOVE execution. Yet without a good plan in the hiring process, you can lose a lot of effectiveness and efficiency. Thus, let me explain you how you can save a lot of time by planning and by setting up a little HR process for your startup:

Planning includes knowing how long the hiring process takes and what you need to prepare for it.

So, how long does it take?

You can assume that it will take about a month (at minimum) to hire someone. This includes the starting point of writing promotion texts for your positions, setting them out in the internet and in your network, receiving several applications, revising these, doing the interviews, choosing for a candidate, preparing the (legal) documents and hiring a candidate.

What do you need to prepare then?

From my experience it is good to set up a little HR process in your startup. Make a folder with pre-written documents. Here you can find a list which I always use for hiring people:

  • Promotion docs (detailed job description, job promotion texts for (social) media)
  • Pre-written emails to send out to applicants: email for interested people with more information about the position, invitations to interviews, acceptance/rejection emails
  • IP and confidentially documents (if applicable, often included in labour contract)
  • Hiring questions (ex.: past experience, skills, what the person is looking for in the job/company, strengths/pitfalls, values, passions and visions,…if you are interested in some good questions to ask to your interviewee, check this link)
  • A folder with all received CVs and application letters
  • Recruitment CRM Doc (names of candidates, dates on which people will be / were interviewed when, where and with whom and what the conclusion is so far)
  • Legal documents/work contract/company policies/rules
  • 1-pager introduction to the company (to give to hired people on the first day)

Even though there might be some more documents you could prepare, I would call these the MVP hiring documents that are needed for a basic hiring process.

For implementing these documents into the planning process, I would suggest the following:

Come up with standardized documents quickly before you need them. This means, in the first week, you will prepare the promotional texts (before you are sending them out in your network and other channels), then you are preparing the pre-written emails (so that they are ready when people are replying to your job offer), and so on… It is always possible (and probably even important) to adjust the documents when you think it is needed.

Finally and very crucial, create a timeline so that you know which HR activity is taking place when. A possible timeline could be: Week 1 & 2: Job Promotion, Week 3: Invitations for Interviews, 4: Holding Interviews, Week 5: Hiring a new employee. The timeline is not fixed either but very crucial as it provides you with a guideline and focus.

As in the first step, I would suggest you to do this step mindfully because it will lay the basis of all your future HR actions. If you plan well from the beginning onwards, you will have to put about 50% less time into all your future hiring activities. Moreover you will be coming over as much more professional. And if you look more professional, you will for sure have more chances to attract the right talent.

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