Are You a Real Entrepreneur? [infographic]


An entrepreneur or not, take this infographic as an ultimate test of your entrepreneurship personality. Tap on the infographic if you are keen on enlarging the image.


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You think you’re a real entrepreneur or you dream of becoming one? How to know whether you’ve got what it takes?

Entrepreurship is a lifestyle

Entrepreneurship is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle. Living the adventure 24/7 is what gets you to the top. Think you were born a game-changer? Take this checklist with the 4 must-haves as a test to discover if you’ve got what it takes.

#1 Restless to succeed

When most people reach a goal they think, “I did it! Time to sit back and enjoy it for a while.” An entrepreneur thinks, “Great, what’s next?”

Look at Uber. Once just another startup, today it’s making transportation easier for millions of people in 70 countries and is worth $17 billions.

In short, entrepreneurs are always itching to find and take on the next challenge. They can’t stop with one big achievement because their passion is not easily satisfied.

#2 Money is secondary

In Entrepreneurship money is a good motivation but definitely not a central one. Making a difference and solving the puzzle is the driving force.

Richard Brandson founded more thatn 400 ventures. Steve Jobs entered the job market at the young age of 13. Their thirst for greatness was his prior ambition instead of fortune.

Eventually all entrepreneurs are motivated less by money and more by the innate thrill of launching a new venture and the freedom and control that come with it.

#3 Competitive at heart

Entrepreneurs are extremely competitive and that’s how it should be. Companies, formed out of competitive natures, know they can do a better job and this functions as motivation for prosperity.

Take Hulu, which was inspired by Netflix and aimed to provide a better streaming service. Once a plain startup, now Hulu is a direct competitor for Netflix.

Rivalry is a must-have in the entrepreneurial mindset because it gives an extra push into creating better products and services.

4 Entrepreneurial vs. Corporative mindset

You are passionate about the company you work in, but money is still what drives you most. Stability and minimal risk taking is what your life-long efforts are centered around. Focusing on the facts and being realistic is your daily routine. You are perfect at following orders  and dependent on a team with equally shared responsibilities. Lastly, you have a clear end goal in mind which stimulates your work. If so, you can call yourself a true corporate soul, unable to exist out in the wild.
Seeing your own ideas come alive is the biggest motivation for you. Gladly taking risks on a daily basis is part of the adventure for you. You focus on the possibilities ahead of you and always manage to stay competitive. You are the equivalent of outside-the-box-thinker while taking great responsibility on your own. Lastly, your drive comes from the bigger picture and no achievement is ever enough for you. Congrats, you are a rare type of Entrepreneur, only  able to flourish out in the wild.

Entrepreneur at heart?

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and a mindset fueled by a never ending thirst to succeed. It is what makes you go that extra mile. Entrepreneurship is intangible. You can’t learn it from books. It is within you. Embrace it. Live it. Achieve it.


Did you discover your true entrepreneurial personality? Share this infographic with all your friends and help them find theirs.


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