Our top Dutch Startups to look out for in 2019

At the end of last year we put out the call for the most up and coming startups that people would vote for on our facebook page. We had a great response and from the voting and our own research we have compiled a real list of Startups who look to make an impact in the Netherlands and beyond. We have a strong sustainability and future thinking component to the list this year with alot of our companies very young and still getting the company of the ground.

Our selections are all product-based primarily located in the Netherlands either within or under a series A (10 Million or under).

Here are our top Startups to look out for in 2019




Herengracht 221, 1016 BG Amsterdam
Passionate about blockchain but frustrated by the lack of quality and objective data on it, four friends decided to address this in early 2018. After speaking to hundreds of people in working in and around blockchain, they decided to build Blockdata.


Started: 2018


Jonathan – a true autodidact and veteran of multiple startups

Lucas – former crypto trader and consultant

Niels – branding expert with a decade of experience

Bob – full-stack developer & former professional musician


Mapping the digital economy. Blockchain and similar technologies will underpin the fourth industrial revolution.


€200k angel round raised in October. Raising a seed round from top tier venture capitalists.

Link: https://www.blockdata.tech/



Spacelife Origin

SpaceLife Origin is the first bio-tech & mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2020, make embryo conception in space feasible by 2021 and enable real human birth in space by 2024.

These will be the crucial first steps on a journey for mankind leading to Life Beyond Earth as needed for future settlements on other planets.

Started: 2018



Kees Mulder is seasoned serial entrepreneur and C-level business executive. He has successfully started, funded and managed several new business concepts such as the successful global growth and subsequent exit of Colorbus Inc. Further Kees held several senior executive roles in global operating companies like e.g. Dainippon Screen, Kodak and Phoenix Technologies. He is best known for his focussed success driven skill set to create blue oceans and turn the most difficult challenges that seem to be a mission impossible into a mission possible for all stakeholders.



Link: https://spacelifeorigin.com



Optics 11

De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam

We believe that optical fiber sensing provides a unique solution for many applications that involve precise measurements in challenging environments. Because light can travel unperturbed inside the fiber, and typically only glass or silicon is required for the sensing element, any environmental challenge can be championed: low or high temperature, liquids, electrical or magnetic fields, remote locations.

Started: 2011


Niek Rijnveld – CEO

Grzegorz Gruca – CTO


In April 2016, Value Creation Capital invested in Optics11 through its TechNanoFund. The experienced entrepreneurs of the fund are supporting Optics11 in its growth and development by playing an active role in the Advisory Board, together with the founders.

Link: https://optics11.com/


Housing Anywhere


HousingAnywhere.com is an international online accommodation platform specializing in accommodation for students. The start-up founded in 2009 has its headquarters in Rotterdam.

The business model of HousingAnywhere is based on the sharing economy. Students who go abroad and leave an empty room in the city of their university can post their room on the platform, and students looking for a site can rent these rooms.[9] In addition, by having partnerships with universities around the world the company is partly funded by membership fees from participating universities. The platform is free for students when they book their accommodation but HousingAnywhere charges a reservation fee for using its secure reservation system.[10] This backup system includes a guarantee of no loss of money, as a solution for dealing with scams that may be on the platform.

Started: 2009


Niels van Deuren – Founder

Djordy Seelmann – CEO


In 2016 HousingAnywhere raised €5m in Series A funding round, The funding comes from Netherlands-based venture capital firm henQ, which has also invested in Housing Anywhere previously, and from Real Web, which operates Immobiliare.it, a real estate website in Italy and Poland.

Link: https://housinganywhere.com/




Blasiusstraat 82, 1091 CW Amsterdam

At Primephonic we are all about the classics. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and many others are all fans of our solution. Finally, people can listen to the classics in the best high quality audio while streaming on our platform. We have already been dubbed ‘The Spotify of Classical Music’ but in all honesty, we offer better search, higher audio quality, more background info and more relevant recommendations.

Started: 2017


Simon Eder – Founder

Thomas Steffens – CEO

Henrique Boregio CTO


With a team of 20 classical music lovers from 13 countries in our offices in Amsterdam and NYC we enable classical music lovers to listen more often to more diverse classical music in a more enriching way. At the same time our service creates more funds for artists and artistic development of the genre. Join us to create a better future for classical music, together!

Link: https://www.primephonic.com



Fooditive by 7th Circle

Rotterdam The Netherlands

7th Circle BV was founded in 2018 by a Moayad Abushokhedim, with the aim of changing the world and making it a better place for us. For now, and in the future. Ensuring the highest possible standards for quality control and food safety drives everything we do. At 7th Circle, our efforts are ongoing to improve extraction and blending processes, using fruits and vegetables ‘waste’ is what drives us and makes us happy. We extend our research and development expertise to our customers. Throughout the entire product development and production processes, we are dedicated to working with our customers for mutual success and ultimately, ‘pure’ consumer satisfaction.

Started: 2018


Moayad Abushokhedim – Founder


As the world’s first producer of 100% natural sweeteners and additives, extracted from recycled fruits and vegetables, we are committed to deliver the food industry the most honest additives they can get. With Fooditive® we deliver our promise to create and maintain health – for our customers and our fellow citizens, but also for the planet we are so happy to share. By reducing waste, we underline our commitment to People and Planet, by our unique expertise we deliver our shareholders healthy return on investment.


Crowdfunding campaign

Link: https://www.7thcircle.nl/

Amsterdam Talks Tech: The Workforce Edition // Laurent Scholten – Founder & CEO Wonderkind from Spaces. on Vimeo.



Zeemagazijnkade 3, 1018LE Amsterdam

Wonderkind turns the entire Internet into a recruitment platform
Only 20% of candidates are actively looking for a job. Attract passive candidates, and reach 100% of the job market.

Our AI finds candidates based on their online behavior, and hyper-targets them with the right job ads on social media, Google, and beyond.

Started: 2016

Lars Wetemans – CEO at Wonderkind
Laurent Scholten – Co-founder & Co-CEO

The company has had upto two million in investment to this date.

Link: https://wonderkind.com/




Herengracht 221, 1016 BG Amsterdam

Ozarka is a prepared foods packaging service where all our packaging is sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic, reusable and returnable for deposit (statiegeld).

If you’d like to try the service, please visit Foodware on Looiersgracht 12 in Amsterdam. Gourmet take away in sustainable packaging. Hooray! If you are a traiteur, deli, afhalen, meenemen, or delivery prepared foods vendor and would like to join our movement to get single-use plastic food packaging out of the environment, contact us at contact@ozarka.biz and we will propose a service contract based on your needs. Your production processes will be unchanged, and we aim to keep your costs the same. You take care of the food, we take care of the packaging!
Started: 2018


Beth Massa – Owner and Founder

Michael Massa – Co-Founder at Ozarka


To date have Received a government grant of €30,000

Link: https://www.ozarka.club/



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