Featured Startup: Skytree

In the face of a global pandemic, most companies worldwide are closing ranks and striving to just survive beyond this time. For Skytree, 2020 is shaping up to be standout year in spite of all these hardships.

Maybe you haven’t heard of the shining light in the Carbon Capture Industry, based at the Science Park in the University of Amsterdam. Maybe you haven’t seen that they have just released a full brand refresh, new web presence, new social direction with brand new partners and are currently diving head first into a Series A investment round. The future is bright for the Skytree.

The issue of air pollution is not going anywhere and their products and materials are gaining significant traction in addressing this major global issue. Learning about Skytree their journey first started to take root back in 2008 when the founders first met. Then from 2010 the ideas slowly sprouted into what we now know as Skytree. Here is a little more information about their journey.

Skytree’s mission is to accelerate the development of carbon capture technology. The process removes CO2 from the air in one of the most effective manners possible today. Carbon removal technology can be used but are not limited to water management, crop fertilisation in greenhouses & vertical farms, cement & plastic production and fuel production.

Founder Max Beamount leads the forward thinking company based in Amsterdam’s Science Park as they build partnerships and collaborations with companies like Sogefi, Tesla, University of Swansea, Honda, AVL and more. The team of 10+ are quietly driving this low key Carbon Capture space that is one of the leading lights in addressing air pollution globally.


Their product the ‘Stomata’ is leading the electric vehicle industry in properly filtering dangerous air pollution in air cabins, tackling poor performance in bad weather and the expansive issue of battery size in cars. ‘

The significant reduction in load on the HVAC system leads to up to 20% average increase in electric vehicle range. In order to achieve this, Skytree uses a sorbent originally developed at the European Space Agency to recirculate air inside of spacecraft.

Dive into more details about Skytree’s Stomata right here: https://www.skytree.eu/stomata/

They are now preparing to jump into their Series A funding round with all the achievements they have gathered in the last few years. Interested in learning more about this Amsterdam based company?


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