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Contexta B.V.

Contexta360 is a double-digit growth AI company based in Amsterdam established by Tim Harbers in 2017. This is Contexta’s conversational analytics platform and is the foundation that handles interaction capture across all channels, reporting, user management, workflow management, advanced known and unknown topic detection and conversational summarisation, powerful analyst tools and a user dashboard. CORE also gives users a ‘quick

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Featured: Coworking Plus

Our featured Startup of the week: Coworking Plus A coworking space located in Odense C. We offer community and convenience for businesses, where we want to accommodate the small and medium-sized companies. We want our coworkers to interact and be a part of a larger community, where they can network and get help nearby. Coworking Plus is a community where

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Thinking beyond the Pandemic

The Netherland’s Startups face an uncertain time. The world is set to pause and most economies are in the back seat with public health and safety being the priority of most countries governments. In terms of history we are living through something the world has not seen in this scale since the influenza pandemic of 1018: The Spanish Flu. It

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Featured Startup: Skytree

In the face of a global pandemic, most companies worldwide are closing ranks and striving to just survive beyond this time. For Skytree, 2020 is shaping up to be standout year in spite of all these hardships. Maybe you haven’t heard of the shining light in the Carbon Capture Industry, based at the Science Park in the University of Amsterdam.

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Startup Events You Can’t Miss Out on in 2019

Events are the greatest way to connect and create opportunities with other like-minded people. That single point in time that digital platforms and websites can’t offer. What we decided to do was map out the most worthwhile and valuable events that happen around the Netherlands that you should make your time to go visit. This year sees alot less larger

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Why to Work for the Startup Unicorn Bynder in Amsterdam

Have you always wanted to check out your dream startup on the inside, read through the irresistible perks, and discover that special company swag? That’s why we decided to introduce you to the very best startups and growth-stage companies that showcase their jobs on DSJ. This newest series is called ‘Startups in the Spotlight’. Truly, I guarantee you after reading

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Dutch Tech Jobs

Dutch Tech Jobs was launched in 2013 to be the Netherlands go-to website for Tech Scaleups / Startups who are looking for passionate talent.

We connect the most innovative Companies to the best talent.